Monday, 23 September 2013

Serbia and the end of the summer

Tomato soup. I think it's my favourite soup so far... I couldn't resist taking a photo for sharing with you. Ok, it looks kinda "bloody", but it's awesome!

This is called proja. It's basically corn bread.

And this is what you get when you dip proja into the milk.

I had the opportunity to have svadbarski kupus (we can call it "wedding cabbage") for lunch. I took a walk to the place and I found this on the floor. I had to take a picture.

This dish is a type of crock that has to cook for at least 6 hours. It's made of sour cabbage and beef, pork, lamb... (different kind of meat). This recipe uses to be cooked for weddings, specially in the past, so we could say that it's a traditional dish and to be honest, it's the perfect excuse for meeting with friends and eat in the yard.

Also, we could try our aiming skills shooting pepper, which was quite fun.

This is a homemade burek.
Burek is made of handmade filo dough and any filling that you like (it's serbian cheese in this case). The most common fillings are meat or cheese. I recomend you to drink yogurt while eating this yummy pastry.

Again, in the following pictures you have more handmade pasta. It's really curious for me, since in Spain we don't use to do that. We just go to the supermarket, buy some pasta, and what we do at home is just boil it and add some tomato sauce or cheese or whatever you want.
So you will probably think that I'm stupid with all these pasta photos, but for me it's something that I'm not used to see. And what the hell... It looks awesome in the picture!

I decided to take my camera and and walk by the Morava river.

We met "Žule", some dog taking care of the terrace... hihihi

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Afternoon in Zagreb

Last friday I've taken a plane to Zagreb. The plane was arriving there around 2:00 PM, so I've decided to spend the afternoon in the old part of Zagreb. After that I would have a good sleep and take a van to Belgrade the next morning.
So, with everything ready and leaving some stuff at home (in Spain) because I couldn't close the bagagge, my plane took off in Barcelona and flew over the Mediterranean sea, reaching Italy (we could see Venice) and the Adriatic sea after that. I wanted to see the Dalmatian islands from the plane, but I was sitting in the wrong side of the plane, so what I was able to see was the Istrian peninsula.
When I arrived to the airport in Zagreb I found out that it is a little bit.. caothic. I didn't expect that, but I just took my bagagge, changed some money, and when I went to the bathroom.. Surprise! I couldn't fit in there. I was traveling alone, so I needed to get in the bathroom with my bagagge, and that was impossible. That really disappointed me, anyway... Next move was finding a taxi so I could get to the hotel, leave my bagagge and take a walk through Zagreb streets.
I only had one afternoon for visiting the city, so of course I missed a lot of things, but anyway... Here are some pictures of what I've found in there!

During the evening, while I was in the hotel, I could be able to watch some interesting football match: Serbia VS Croatia. I could hear people cheering outdoors, and also fighting. That was such an experience.. haha