Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A little road trip

So I've been for some time already in Čačak, and these are some every-day views:

The following pictures were taken in the road around Ovčar Banja. The zone where it is located is known as a holy mountain because you can find a lot of monasteries in the area. I'm sorry I didn't visit the monasteries, so I have no photos.. :(

Time to time you find some rural stuff like we did in this road between Požega and Kosjerić.

We were in Kosjerić for few minutes...

 And then we drove towards Divčibare...

Autumn colors are starting to show...

Few photos of Divčibare and it's surroundings

Some hives for the honey...



Some nice sculpture next to the road, in Ljig

And good news! A highway is being build (this photo was taken near Ljig).

For the ones who still don't know... This is my fav meal in Serbia, and this is also the picture I shoot every time! hahaha Gibanica!
It's not hard to find info about how to bake it, you basically need filo dough and serbian cheese...

This is Kuglof. It's like a spongy firm cake that goes well with tea or coffee. It originates from Austria.

Few days ago we had such a sunny morning,

So that's all for today...
Thanks for watching!!